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Here is a great alien alphabet decoder supplied by Stephan Schonberg. Try it out by clicking here.

Alien Alphabet In Depth Observation

Ok, here is where any findings on the alien alphabet will be revealed. I have revised this section as to be more user friendly. Also please be sure to share thoughts with each other in the message boards located here. Good luck and thanks for everybody's great support in this.

Please note - I received this note in my email box: "Groening's interview in Mother Jones magazine said that there are two alien languages represented in code on the show. One is supposed to be easy to decipher, and the other one is harder. Therefore, when you are trying to decode the characters, keep in mind that all of the coded stuff doesn't come from only one "language" or "alphabet."

Findings From Episode 1

All findings below are from Episode 1 - Space Pilot 3000

Opening Sequence is our first spotting of the alien alphabet. We see three observations of this alphabet but it is very blurry and almost impossible to make out. (Click on the images to enlarge)

Here is what we have from emailer Julie on one of these signs.
"Based on the assumption that the 'venusians go home' is correct, the red sign is this:
-D RU-E--
being that the sign is on a building, it seems like it might be a name of a corporation. the first letter is unlike any of the vowels we've seen so far, so the only thing we could guess it could be is the number 3. so that leaves us with 3D RU-E."

Here is a message from RJ on this very same subject:

The smaller sign has been hard. Rather than "3D" I am thinking it is "2D" (wait,the explaination follows) and the next part is "RULE" and 2 characters. The "L" isvery visible in freeze frames. The last two I think are "Z" like Bart you right, and then how about "!" the exclaimation point. Thus "2D RULEZ!" which would makesome sense, as this is a 2D (Cartoon) world. This reference was also in the Simpsons when Homer gets stuck in (gasp!) the third dimension!

And from Sarducci dated April 9th, 2000 he states: "The film countdown before the Professor's movie now confirms that the disputed "-D rulez" sign does indeed say 2D"

And in a late night discovery dated September 18th, 1999 we finally realized..."Hey, this RJ guy is Right!" And so the necessary adjustments were made to the alphabet above and the alien alphabet font. We just ran out of time and finally found some. Thanks again RJ.

And here is an answer from Fox, (not the network, the person) another emailer about the third picture in this set:

"In the opening theme, that one sign with red letters on yellow (you have it in a gif on your alphabet page) says the SAME THING as the pink one next to Bender's head in the second episode."

Compare the first photo with the second and that gives us a greater understanding and conclusion that the letters are D-R-I-N-K. Thanks to David Bradley. (Click on the images to enlarge)

In the next two frames we see Fry in the alley and more alien writing on the wall. (Click on the images to enlarge) From the above example we are able to make the following cryptogram:

_ _ n _ _ i _ n _
_ _ _ _ _ _.

Thanks to David Bradley who has worked hard to decode this cryptogram he has discovered it actually reads:

Go Home

To view his in-depth analysis on this click here.

Also thanks to another anonymous emailer we find that the phrase may have been coined from Monty Python's Life of Brian. Email read as follows:

"I believe this to be referential to Monty Pythons Life of Brian, in which the Jewish freedom fighters painted the slogan 'Romans go home' in the Romans language, Latin on buildings everywhere (only they never got the syntax write). Just a thought."

Here is another email received from ormus on the origin of this saying:

"Venusians Go Home" was graffiti seen in the 50's space-schlock movie, "Mars Needs Women".

Although seemingly no reference back from these two images this appears to be the alien number 6 and the alien number 7.
(Click on the images to enlarge)
Findings From Episode 2

All findings below are from Episode 2 - The Series Has Landed
Here is the only alien alphabet clue I caught so far in the second episode. (click picture to enlarge) It is with Bender at the moon with the gang. And the possible solution again comes from the working mind of David Bradley (does this guy sleep!)
"Now I shall try to get the letters in this episode... This is behind Bender during his "I guess a robot would have to be crazy to want to be a folk singer" speech.

Using the previous weeks finds:

1 a s 1 _
h u m a n
_ u r g e r s

These last lines are obviously 'human burgers'


Findings From Episode 3

All findings below are from Episode 3 - I, Roommate
Here is the first image of the new alien alphabet that is somewhat legible. (click picture to enlarge) Although I cannot find any clues as any of these letters would be here is what was spoken on the episode.

"Dr. Farnsworth says: I've seen to have mislaid my alien mummy. This sarcophagus should contain the remains of Emperor Nimbala who ruled Zubin 5 over 29 million years ago."

Here we have the three news ads that appeared. (click pictures to enlarge) I'm not sure they have any bearing whatsoever, but just thought I'd ad so you could play around with them.

Here is an email I received from Sachit also worth mentioning. Again, I could not make out the ads well enough but I wanted to pass it along.

"I think this might help us for decoding both alien alphabet stuff. ????? On the Official Fox web site of Futurama. In the News or Media?? There are links AND just text for fun. And in episode #3 the new alien alphabet appeared in a newspapers classified section!!! Well, one of the lines in the site say "Aliens seeking Aliens," Maybe that might help us on to decoding the 2 alphabet!!!!"

This is the second mummy tomb Dr Farnsworth has. (click pictures to enlarge) Although more legible then the first I still can't match up anything. This time he says the words below. "Zevulon the great, he's terraki style."

Here is an email I received. Maybe it will help in the process but I couldn't get the semblance even though it was a good thought.

"I can decypher ONE letter in the second mummy sarcophagus picture that Dr.Farnsworth has.Its the very last letter,it kind of looks like a circle.If you look at it upside down,it looks like the letter i in the alien alphabet.Try looking at the rest of the upside down."

Here is a rebut to the above email from Gryn:

"Just a small note. The suggestion on the alphabet page, concerning the 'teryaki' picture: The the letter 'i' is not upside down, if it is the letter 'i' (it would have to be mirrored, not upside down)."

Findings From Spin Magazine

All findings below are from Spin Magazine May Issue.
This is a picture from SPIN magazine. (click pictures to enlarge) Recently I received an email from cbelz. His message read like this:

comments: More of Alphabet #1

In the Futurama issue of Spin magazine we can see some more of the letters of this alien alphabet.

Right next to the staples in the center of the page (on the left) we see that familiar "Venusians Go Home" graffiti. But next to that (on the right) we find two five-lettered words.

Describing them as follows: 1.) parallelogram with dot inside 2.) a kinda upright pretzel 3.) U 4.) T 5.) O

1.) R 2.) U 3.) a kinda upright pretzel 4.) E 5.) S

I translate this to read: "Pluto Rules"

So, I think we've got our "P" and our "L" --just wish the graphics were cleaner...


Believe it or not I got out a magnifying glass and created these letters in my handy photoshop so the letters are posted above.

And also on the Spin Magazine cover we have the letter X. Information supplied by "Snaggletooth" on the Outlet message boards.

There is a billboard just behind a building on the cover that reveals the letters


and then an unknown letter. By deduction the only letter that would make any sense and fit right into the theme of things is the letter X, thus giving us

SEX or

Findings From Episode 5

All findings below are from Episode 5 - Fear of a Bot Planet
This is a picture from this weeks TV guide. Although all the letters in this one have been discovered already you can find out what the word says yourself with the letters provided at the top of this page. Click on the image for a larger view. Have Fun!!

Findings From Episode 6

All findings below are from Episode 6 - A Fishful of Dollars
This is a picture from this weeks TV guide. Here we find that the W is the newest edition in the alien alphabet as the saying spells out "No One Messes With Mom.

Thanks to Don Del Grande for this discovery last week. I was just slow in posting.

Findings From Episode 7

All findings below are from Episode 7 - My Three Suns

This is a picture from this weeks TV guide. Here we find that the P is the newest edition in the alien alphabet as the saying spells out "Don't Drink The Emperor."

Thanks again to Don Del Grande for this discovery.

Signs on column

This episode had a bunch of alien alphabet signs, most notably on the columns by the emperor's throne.

Close up

There were a few close-ups, and this might be the second alien language which has been rumored to exist. The sign on the left of the bottled emperor is the same "Don't drink the emperor" message we've seen before. To the right though, is a sign with completely different-looking lettering. [medium-size grab] [full-size grab]

Green sign

There's another sign that's vertical, with green writing. The lettering for this sign looks a bit similar to the alien race font we saw in the first episode (where we saw only the numbers 7 and 6).[medium-size grab] [full-size grab]


Here is an account for all alien signs in this episode starting at the beginning. This sign plainly reads "Open" in english and alien.


This one a little trickier as this has a circular pass and is read around. However it is read "Televideo" again in English and in alien. (no new letters so far)


This picture just reiterating aboves findings at a slightly different angle.


Now, the grand finale of it all. Major, very clean, very crisp closeup on these wonderful hieroglyphics. Could these be phrases like in the egyptian periods? Let me know if you are an expert on hieroglyphics as I'd be curious to know any thoughts on this. 10 - 1 here is what we pursue next!

Wow. Due to an overwhelming response to this I have to paraphrase. It seems everybody had many different versions of what they thought this could be. But the majority was eager to let me know all signs on the poll simply state "Don't drink the emperor" the last one being in English.

For some links on heiroglyphics see below:

Thanks to Lee, Stephan, Jeff and a few anonymous people for the links. Now you can go investigate all this wonderful heiroglyph without even searching on Yahoo!


And if you want to have some real fun....the algebra on the board in Episode 6, A Fishful of Dollars can be solved. (I think?? No promises) For some helpful guides to the equation of hell try the following links:

Good luck!!

Findings From Episode 8

All findings below are from Episode 8 - A Big Piece of Garbage
This ad appeared in tvguide for this episode. The writing spells out "Foolish earthlings will never decode this". So we have our c and our f out of this ad. Also there is another punctuation mark that could be classified as an ! as this would make logical sense as the other ads in TV guide did not carry punctuation and those were sentences as well. My email is always open if you disagree.
Findings From Episode 9

All findings below are from Episode 9 - Hell is other robots

This ad appeared in tvguide for this episode. No new letters, but one new punctuation. Arguably this could be the :

Also in the shot below this for the preview we see Fry hitting a piece of the alphabet on the elevator to hell. What letter could this be?

A great comment from John Chavous (Servo) explains the elevator symbol.

"The symbol that Fry presses also appears other places such as The Good Book, in the Church Of Robotology, and on Bender himself after he joins. I immediately recognized the figure from basic electronic classes I took many years ago. The symbol is NOT a letter but a schematic representation of a resistor - a small, very common piece of electronic circuitry used to regulate the flow of electricity.

So the symbol literally means "Resist!" It's just so perfect! A figure used all over the real world every day in electronic schematics turned into a religious symbol for a group trying to get robots to "resist" the temptation of jacking-on! Get it?

Thanks for clearing that up for me and anyone else that was still pondering. You Rock!

Findings From AdAge Magazine

All findings below are from The AdAge Magazine

No new letters, but one new punctuation. The seperation between the words suggests a hyphen

From previous findings the sign says "SPEND-MOR"

Also Contained within the picture to the right it reads:

Thanks to Ifortesque For Supplying the picture and pointing out the hyphen.

Findings From Episode 13

All findings below are from Episode 13 - Fry & The Slurm Factory
First sighting in this episode is the advertisment disclaimer. Very long, but reads

The Following Species Are
Ineligible: Space Wasps,
Space Beavers, Any Other Animal
With The Word Space In Front
Of It. Space Chickens, And The
Elusive Yak-Face.

Whew! That was a fun one to decipher...but had all the letters.

Here we have the eye chart that reads..


Clever Guys!! I even had to squint. And the newly found letter Q is discovered. This just left us this season wondering where that crafty letter J is. Any ideas?

Now here's a little something to confuse. I believe the Zoidberg shirt was thrown in to confuse as I was tipped off that it was written in Hebrew. If that is the case, the Hebrew language (and alphabet) have already been discovered and thus needn't be deciphered.

Although here was a thought from Samuel Rivier

you know that hebrew thing on zoidberg's shirt in nov 14th episode with the slurm? It doesn't say slurm on there. I did some decoding, and I have a few possibilities. The first letter is somewhat a rhomus shape with a small tail, corresponding mainly to samekh (s), but also possibly mem (m, the two are almost indistinctable) and to a lesser extent teth (t.) and a long-shot pe (p or f).
The second letter is an upside-down inverse L with a tail at the front. It corresponds to daleth (d, resh (r), and at the end of a word, kaph (k), as well as in a long-shot lamed (l). The next is a stick with what appear to be two tails at the front, like an inverse f. This corresponds to vav (v or w), zayin (z), and at the end of a word, nun (n). None of these have two tails, but there is an apostrophe-like letter yod (y, j, i) that can combine with another letter to this. The possibilities are still the same, but perhaps this comination can form a u sound?
The fourth letter is like the second but with a prolonged virtical tail at the front. It is, without question, lamed (l), but if you want to stretch it it can be any of th letters possible for the second one.
The last letter is a w shape, and two letters correspond. The first is a w with a dot on the top right (shin, sh or s^) and the second is a w with a dot on the far left (/sin, /s). If you look closely at the shirt, you can make out the dot at the far left, so the last letter is without question or doubt, /sin.
To possibly make this shirt say slurm, the last letter would have to be an m, which, at the beginning and end of a word, is still a box. There is no other way to make an m. So to decipher this, we need to get some combinations in that make sense. I will leave this to you and your viewers or readers or whoever the hell goes to this site :)

Here are different opinions on the above statement.

From Blake:
On your "alien alphabets" page, there's some discussion of Zoidberg's "Slurm" shirt in Hebrew. The suggestion is that the shirt doesn't say "Slurm" because the Hebrew letters don't match: the first letter is not an "s", the second not an "l", etc.

In fact, the letters match up perfectly -- because Hebrew is written from right to left. Thus, from right to left, the letters are shin, lamedh, vau, resh, mem -- definitely spelling "Slurm" (or, perhaps, "Schlurm").

From Jon Mars:
Regarding Samuel Rivier's comments about the Hebrew lettering on Zoidberg's shirt in Episode 13 - Fry & The Slurm Factory: It does INDEED spell out SLURM... Mr. Rivier has seemingly forgotten that the Hebrew language is read from right to left. Keep up the good work.

From Raizin:
About the Hebrew writing in the Slurm factory. Your informant was almost right in decoding it, except he forgot the important detail that Hebrew is read form right to left, not left to right.

Therefore, the first letter is a shin, the w-like letter on the right which could stand for a "sh" or "s."

The next letter, the vav, the line on the left of the shin, usually makes a "v" sound, but the little dot next to it turns it into a vowel and means it actually makes an "oo" sound.

After that is the resh. This is pretty straight-forward in that it makes an "r" sound.

The last letter is a final mem, meaning it's a mem that only comes at the end of a word. The mem makes a "mm" sound.

Put it all together, and it spells "Shloorm"... or "Slurm!"

From Rinchwind:
About the hebrew writing on Zoidberg's shirt in episod 13, the writing was probably ment to be slurm, but it is actualy a typo and it read's more like shlorm. But these are very acurate hebrew letters from right to left it reads shin (sh) lamed (l) vav (o) raish (r) mem (m) Being from Israel I should know these things...

From Brian Blovett:
Just a little bit about the hebrew word on the shirt in the Slurm episode:

The word is ideed "Slurm". The person who's comments appear in your "Alien languages" page forgot that a vav with a dot to the right is in fact a "u" vowel when the dot is about halfway up the letter. If the dot were above the letter, it would be an "o" (as in "home") vowel.

So reading from right to left, we have sin (s), lamed (l), (u), resh (r), and final mem (m)... SLURM! Incidentally, that shirt reminded me of several shirts I've seen with "Coca-Cola" written in hebrew.

From Jeffrey S. Kobal:
Mr. Rivier has some of his facts straight, but is missing a few key pieces of information, not the least of which is the fact that Hebrew reads from right to left. His description of the "first letter" is actually the LAST letter in the word, and the "last letter" is the FIRST. The five Hebrew letters are, reading from right to left: Sin Lamed Vav Resh Mem (most of which he un-confidently identified in reverse order).

The Vav is often used as a vowel in Hebrew, usually as a long O sound, which would make the word be pronounced SLORM, which is about as close as you're going to get with a Hebrew depiction of Slurm.

Welp, that raps up season 1 episodes, and alien alphabet (minus the j). We'll just have to look forward to season 2 of the alphabet, hopefully next week. Until then....good job all...it was fun.

Findings From Episode 16

All findings below are from Episode 16 - Xmas Story
Last but not least, the letter J has graced the scene. Now the first alien alphabet is complete. Great Job Everyone....take a bow.

Findings From Season 2: Episode 10

The findings below are from Season 2 Episode 10: A Clone of My Own.

Just when we thought we could call it quits, the producers throw in some numbers. Before Farnesworth life story is flashed before eveyones eyes in a matter of 3 minutes, we a see a countdown with these numbers 3-2-1:

Also Contained within the pictures to the right it reads some numbers atop and:

Or "Sound Start"
It is most likely that these are numbers atop. Join the discussion on this here.

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